I document most of my crafty endeavors on my other website Painting Lilies.

Below are some other examples of projects I created, mostly using Adobe Illustrator.

Visual Resume (last updated in 2014)


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Calendar – 2015

I drew the photos for this calendar in Paper on my iPad and then added the calendar using Illustrator.

2015 Calendar-01 2015 Calendar-02 2015 Calendar-03 2015 Calendar-04 2015 Calendar-05 2015 Calendar-06 2015 Calendar-07 2015 Calendar-08 2015 Calendar-09 2015 Calendar-10 2015 Calendar-11 2015 Calendar-12






















Elementary School Graduation Card

I made copies of these cards for students that I tutored for 2 years when they moved on to middle school.

Graduation Card









Calendar – 2014

A few months from the yearly calendar I print out and give as gifts.

2014-01-Jan 2014-06-Jun 2014-08-Aug